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Dave Picardi

4 weeks ago

Need your help to locate a missing lacrosse stick...

Ladies, I can't seem to find my UA Glory lacrosse stick. White shaft, black head. I've looked everywhere for it and then it came to me. Perhaps I never picked it up from the family that brought it home for me from Sandstorm? At least I *think* I didn't pick it up from them. The problem is I can't remember who drove it home for me OR if I picked it up. (Getting old is a real bitch) :)

If you have my stick...can you please contact me and let me know? Thanks everyone. As you were!

See you all on the 21st. Black Returners...I expect you all at tryouts representing your club on the ands if or buts. Based upon the first tryout...a few of the new kids are going to give you a run for your money! Don't NOT pick up a stick between now and the 21st...


Chris Gregorio

a month ago

Hey Everybody!!!! I hate to bombard everyone with emails, but we need to get everyone registered for summer. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone soon! We'll fine tune the website a bit for you to have an accurate schedule at your fingertips, but we are going to start no later than 5/7 and possibly sooner if we can get everyone rostered. Please reach out to me asap if you have any problems, questions or just want to catch up!



Chris Gregorio

4 months ago

Good evening everyone,

I know there are some girls that did not register for tryouts but are planning on coming out. We have postponed them.

Please contact me if you have any questions.



Dave Picardi

5 months ago

The Future of 101 Black...

Now that I (hopefully) have your attention. There is something important I need to say. Every year at this time...we face a bit of a crossroads. A turning of the page. It can and should be an exciting time. Last season's leaders did a PHENOMENAL job...and I know what they brought to the team was gratefully absorbed by their teammates. But now...the torch is passing. New leaders will need to emerge. New teammates need to found. New relationships will need to be forged. So that what you all just experienced last season, can be experienced by additional, deserving, committed young women just like yourselves.

Tryouts are Sunday February 5th. Our expectation is that everyone who plans to play with 101 Black this coming summer will be there. Not so much because we need to see if you still belong on 101 Black. But because this is YOUR team and YOU need to represent to all the new kids trying out, why they should care if they make black. They need to see your fire, your skill and most importantly how much you enjoy playing with each other. This is what makes us different from some so many other teams of the reasons why we BEAT so many other teams. You guys play for each other...and that's rare and very special.

What can you do to ensure 101 Black's future is bright? Recruit players to come to tryouts. Anyone who you think would be a good fit from a personality stand point and heart/commitment stand point we'd like to see on the field. Chris and I can do a lot with heart and commitment. We'll take a kid with a 10/10 heart and only a 7/10 skill ALL DAY over a kid with a 7/10 heart and a 10/10 skill level.

I think back to previous tryouts and some of the younger kids we took in years past. Kid's like Cortney, Sadie, and Paige. We didn't take them because they were All-World on the field during tryouts. (I mean good lord to you remember how small Cortney was when she tried out?) We took them because they wouldn't let's us NOT take them because of their personality, drive, heart and (omg I can't believe I'm going to use this word) tenacity fighting for every loose ball. They were all sponges...ready to absorb and try the things we asked them to do during tryouts. And when they made a mistake...they didn't brood over it. They continued to get after it. They gave us 100% that day...and every day since.

THAT's what we are looking for. Great kids (you want/got to play with people you like and enjoy), decent skills, big heart and drive.

So...rack your brains...know any girls who fit this description? If so, do yourself and your teammates a favor and get them to tryouts on FEBRUARY 5th. High School tryouts start at 3...but you know the drill. Be there at least 30 minutes early...make sure they know that too!

The drive for a ThreePEAT starts February 5th!


Chris Gregorio

5 months ago

Team Wrap Up-

I have sent individual emails to all the players and this will wrap up fall. For now.

We started off with a few practices and a nice tournament in the East Bay. We were the best team and were able to get all of our players tons of minutes. The experience was good for a lot of reasons, but the thing I noticed most was that the girls on the sideline were really engaged with whoever was on the field at the time. It seemed the team was in good shape and bonding well.

During the time between the first two tournaments, we cautioned the girls that the 'fire' wasn't there and we were at risk for a let down. We talked and talked and practiced....but Dave and I could not raise the intensity and we got cracked a couple of times in Goldrush, especially in the first game. We lost to a team younger than us, which is fine, but it was because of a lack of intensity.

Between Sandstorm and Goldrush, we talked about and worked on raising the levels of everyone, especially with regard to communication and enthusiasm. Frankly, it didn't seem to help.

Then, we all saw what happened at Sandstorm. Our leaders lead and our lineup of great young women followed them and played great. We went 8-0 and really played all very close games. To win 8 straight games that were all that close is a sports anomaly. It just doesn't really happen. Our girls didn't pay attention to the odds and the relied instead, on each other. There were too many moments to cite any one as most important, but to me it was how the girls all stayed together during the tournament and during the evenings. Overall, we saw what was probably the most bonded, inclusive team we've had. Dave and I talked all weekend and on the way home about how proud we were of their behavior more than the results on the field.

So, overall, I think it was a really successful fall/winter. Was it perfect? Had to be right? We won Sandstorm! But like everything, it was not perfect. Throughout the term, did Dave or I say something that wasn't perfect for that girl at that second? Yeah, probably. Were field details always perfect? Nope. Did everyone get along every second? No. To me though, it still weighs a little heavy that we couldn't get more girls on the field more often during Sandstorm. For a variety of reasons, substitutions were done minimally. To the girls that did not get in much, I have already apologized one to one and now here. We all know that the Black HS team has no guaranteed playing time and that when we can win we try to win. We send that out multiple times per year. It doesn't make the girls nor I feel any better about it. Dave and I both probably missed a practice or two more than usual due to work and other obligations. Definitely room for improvement.

That's my quick overview of the good and not good of the season. Again, I think we were really successful in a lot of areas and we hope you feel the same. We thank you for allowing us to spend time with your girls and help them develop both athletically and socially. We take it very seriously.

Lastly, Panch has ordered the game films for us. That's super generous of him and really useful for the girls in the program, especially the non seniors.

Lastly, I'd like to thank the Seniors for making all of this worth it for Dave and I. We have been truly blessed to get to know you all and watch you grow into great young adults. Please keep us updated on your amazing journeys.

C and D.


Chris Gregorio

5 months ago

Good Day Families,

We are excited about what 2023 will bring. It is going to be an amazing year. Below are some of the details of our upcoming year and the changes we are going to be making to ensure the best possible experience for each of our players. We look forward to growing in ‘23 together.

Summary of the Year

16 Academy Training Sessions

15+ Team Practices

5-7 Tournaments

Academy Training Sessions

These are high intensity sessions in which a player will get between 75 - 125 touches(Much more including warm-up). We will be teaching players individual skills which can be applied to any offense/defense while definitively working in the systems for our offense and defense. From these academy sessions, we can give players clear homework for the week, which might be wall ball, shooting, stretching, etc.

These sessions will be broken into 4 week blocks to give us consistent opportunities to work with players, but also schedule around coaches’ and player’s availability.

Team Practices

These practices are focused on developing team concepts like clears, rides, offense, and defense. These are where we will develop a player's lacrosse IQ. There will be small sided games as well as full field skills.


USA Hockey and USA Soccer have done a lot of research into what ratio of games to practices are best for developing their players. Essentially, their studies indicate that the practice to game ratio should be at least 2:1, but something closer to 3:1 is a better number for 101 Lacrosse based on the ages and experience of our athletes. In travel, we struggle to achieve this as we will play 5 games in a tourney but practice only a few times before that. This change aligns us with the current information and recommendations from some of the leading sports organizations and puts kids in a better position to be successful.

Projected Schedule


Youth Academies | Sundays | March, April, May | Youth Only

HS Academies | Weeknights | May, June

Team Practices | Weeknights | May, June, July | Roughly 2x/ week

Girls Tournament Schedule (tentative)

Pride Invitational | June 10 & 11 | Dublin, CA | All Teams

Rose City Showdown | June 24 & 25 | Beaverton, OR | HS Teams

Summer Classic | June 24 & 25 | East Bay | Youth Teams

Grapevine Classic | July 8 & 9 | Petaluma, CA | All Teams

Oregon Lacrosse Classic | July 15-17 | Bend, OR | TBD

Boys Tournament Schedule (tentative)

Battle of the Bay | June 10 & 11 | San Francisco, CA | All Teams

Lake Tahoe Summit | June 17-18 | Truckee, CA | Youth Teams

America’s Finest Rivalry | June 17-18 | Temecula, CA | HS Teams

Grapevine Classic | July 8 & 9 | Petaluma, CA | All Teams

Oregon Lacrosse Classic | July 15-17 | Bend, OR | Youth Teams

West Coast Showdown | July 22-23 | Sunnyvale, CA | HS Teams


Academies | Weeknight | Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan | All ages

Team Practices | Sundays | Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan | All ages

Girls Tournament Schedule (tentative)

Bay Area Fall Classic | October 7 | Dublin, CA | All Teams

NorCal Ascent | October 22-23 | Morgan Hill, CA | HS Teams

Gold Rush | Dec 3 & 4 | Petaluma, CA | All Teams

Sandstorm | January 2024 | Indio, CA | All Teams

Boys Tournament Schedule (tentative)

Bay Area Fall Classic | October 8 | Dublin, CA | All Teams

National Cup | Dec 2 & 3 | Oceanside, CA | HS Teams

Gold Rush | Dec 9 & 10 | Petaluma, CA | All Teams

The Challenge | January 2024 | San Diego, CA | Invite Only

King’s Showcase | January 2024 | SF, CA | All Teams

Scheduling will adjust for age, so the 10U would do less than the HS players in terms of schedule just because they need more time to "be a kid" than a HS player might.


Our costs will cover coaches, field rentals, tournament fees, etc. Our goal is not to price anyone out of lacrosse, but to be in line with what it takes to continue to build a program and invest in our children.

We’ve added a lot of value and will continue to be priced lower than the other clubs in Northern California. In many cases, significantly lower.

All of our options allow for payment plans and include a 10% discount for siblings. We offer Financial Aid for families who need it and have NEVER turned a player away as a result of cost.

Annual Membership

This is the option that provides the best training and value for everyone. It puts us all together for more time and gives our players the opportunity to really hone their skills. We will put the players through approximately 40-45 hours of lacrosse which we estimate translates to 4,000 - 5,000 touches and that doesn’t include games.

I wrote above about the need for more practice and getting close to a 3:1 practice to game ratio. This option is an investment in the development of your child’s lacrosse experience.

Included in the Annual Membership:

Gloves (boys)

Backpacks (girls)

Summer Travel (Tournaments)

Fall / Winter Travel (Tournaments)

Academies (4 sessions, approximately 16 total academy dates)

Costs Based on HS Grad Year

2024 - 2026 | $3,200 | Includes IMCLA Recruits Profile

2027 - 2030 | $2,100

2031 - 2034 | $1,499

Summer Only

This membership will cover the summer only and team practices. Academies will be an additional cost at a rate of $175/session. This will include Team gloves / backpack.

2024 - 2026 | $1,700 | Includes IMCLA Recruits Profile

2027 - 2030 | $1,500

2031 - 2034 | $900

Fall Only

This membership will cover the (Fall) only and team practices. Academies will be an additional cost at a rate of $175/session. This will NOT include Team gloves / backpack.

2024 - 2026 | $1,500 | Includes IMCLA Recruits Profile

2027 - 2030 | $1,200

2031 - 2034 | $800


Chris Gregorio

5 months ago

Good evening everyone! Well, just a couple days away from our last tournament of the season. I sincerely hope you've enjoyed things thus far and this weekend should be a great finale. That said, I have some Sandstorm housekeeping for you!

WEBSITE- There, you will find the field map, schedules/links and other information about the event.

Be sure to check and double check your gear and make sure you don't forget anything at home.

Download the TourneyMachine app. That has up-to-date locations, game times and scores.

Stay with your teammates between games. It's the last time you'll have this group together as it is currently made up. Have fun together and make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get to the next game. Trust me on that one....this place is massive and can be confusing. Be early to be on time.

First games of the day.....our first game is at 8:20 on field 51. I want players there at 7:15 ready to go. There is going to be traffic and a hell of a walk. Invariably, a couple girls get there only 30 minutes prior to gametime or less. This a long way to go to NOT play, so be on time please. It can take up to 30 minutes to get to the field AFTER you get there and it can easily take that long to get in the parking lot. Generally, it's easiest to have players dropped off and then go park. We'll start a different group text for that.

EXPECTATIONS- It generally takes 5-0 to make the playoffs. We will be focused on playing well, having a great experience and a positive end to fall/winter. If we happen to be competitive as well, that's great.

Can't wait to see you all.


Dave Picardi

5 months ago

Action required: Team dinners for Sandstorm

I’m posting this on behalf of Kesa and Courtney who took on the Herculean task of organizing our dinners. Please take action today…

I can’t wait to see all of you this weekend. I am excited to announce that the team dinners have been ordered for Saturday and Sunday. You all should have received a text from me with the amount you owe and my Venmo information. Please Venmo me ASAP since I already paid for everything. If you have any questions or concerns, please text me at the number listed below.

Saturday at 6:00PM Mexican Dinner. $15 per person.

Sunday at 6:00PM Italian Dinner.

$15 per person.

Drinks will not be included so please BYOB.

Kesa Labanowski


Location: Team Hotel

Holiday Inn Express

74675 Highway 111

Palm Desert



Kesa 415-282-5372

Cortney 707-536-6767

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou


Dave Picardi

5 months ago

Practice tomorrow. Please read.

Ladies, the current forecast at practice time tomorrow is dry as of now. But that likely will change. So...dress warm. Dress in layers. Dress to stay dry. Bring a trash bag to put your gear in so it doesn't get waterlogged on the field if the forecast changes. If it is raining at 340... I want to see you all under the cover of the bathrooms. We have some things I want to to discuss with you before we get to work and I don't want to be talking to a bunch of shivering players. ;)

Ladies...This is the last hurrah...The last week of the season. The last tournament of the season. And, most importantly, the last time you ever play together as a team. Between now and practice tomorrow. I hope you all really think on this and what it means not only for you in terms of your development as a player, but as teammate. For many of you who have been blessed to be playing together for 8 will come to an end and all you will have left are the memories we have built together...and man have we made some great ones! Let's get ready to make a few more!

Chris sent out some assignments for you. Please make sure you have all watched the video and done the other things he's asked.

I cannot wait to see you all. It feels like it's been ages...even though it's only been a few weeks. And that, by itself, should tell you all you need to know about how I feel about you as your coach.

See you mañana!

Coach Dave


Chris Gregorio

5 months ago

Good afternoon and Happy Friday! I'm getting lots of inquiries regarding practices this weekend. Looking at the weather forecast, wind and rain are supposed to settle down as the day wears on Sunday. We still have a bit to see what changes mother nature brings, but for now, I'm going to leave practices on the schedule and let the coaches determine whether or not they want to practice. Please reach out to me if you have any questions at all.


Chris Gregorio

5 months ago

Mandatory homework- Watch this game.

Pay close attention to how 180 finishes, scoops, transitions.....especially the finishes. High to low, low to high, ball side cuts....



Chris Gregorio

5 months ago

HS Black!!!!!! I hope you all had a great holiday, now get back to work!!!!!! We have practice scheduled for this weekend and Dave and I will try to fit one more in before Sandstorm somehow.

What can you do in the meantime....????? Run. Get your conditioning up as much as possible in the next two weeks. Hit a wall/rebounder and get the rust off of your stick. We've been together long enough for us to know you probably haven't touched your stick....I could be wrong.



Dave Picardi

6 months ago

IMPORTANT SANDSTORM DETAILS...Your response required

Parents and girls. Kesa Labanoski and others have graciously offered to coordinate 2 dinner events for us while we are at Sandstorm for both Saturday and Sunday nigh (for those that are planning to go back on Monday). They need your input immediately as to how many of your family are attending Sandstorm and how many will be joining us for dinner.

In full transparency, my expectation is your daughter will be dining with the team on Saturday night. Sunday is more optional as you all might have made plans. Whether or not the parents join is optional as well...but half of the fun of tournament is getting to hang with each other so I hope you'll all join. I know my plan is to hang with the 101 Crew on both nights.

Here is the message Kesa wanted me to pass along to you for review and response:

Hi Everyone

It was great seeing everyone on the field today. Please click on the Excel

sheet and complete the 2 boxes in Red. We need a headcount for Saturday and Sunday night. We will have dinner both nights at the Team Hotel. Please complete by Friday, December 9th. We will ask for a full payment next week (more details to follow). If you have any questions or concerns please call me.


Kesa 415-282-5372


Here is the link to the google doc where you need to record your info...

Thank you for giving this your attention.

Coach Dave


Chris Gregorio

6 months ago

Good evening everyone, this is to confirm that we are playing Rize Black (their best team) at 8 am tomorrow morning on field 1. Be there and ready to run at 7. I don't wanna name names, but let's all just stay home tonight....Thanks!!!!!



Dave Picardi

6 months ago

Check your Stick Pockets NOW...

...before you come to the field. If its borderline illegal (which is exactly as we like them ;)) You'll need to keep a close eye on it during warmups as it will stretch if it's raining. In fact, I would encourage you to tighten it ever so slightly. If it is illegal (as I noticed several of yours were during the last practice) tighten them NOW. Do not wait until you get to the field. When you arrive, I expect you to be loose and excited...and in "Game on" mode. Not worrying or wasting time fixing your pocket.

If your pocket is illegal and you do not feel comfortable tightening it yourself, I will help you. HOWEVER, if you want my help, you'll need to be in charge and arrive 15 minutes before the time sent by Chris. I will not be fixing sticks during warm up. Get their early and find me on the playing field where we will be playing our first game.

Ok's a special day. It's Game Day! And this is our tournament. Come ready to leave it all on the field, pick each other up when we make mistakes and...REPRESENT!

See you there, Coach Dave


Chris Gregorio

6 months ago

The more I hear about this, the better is sounds! Alex is the real deal folks. Here again is the link to the clinic on Saturday:

Your discount code is UNLEASHED101HS


Dave Picardi

7 months ago

Practice is SUNDAY…4pm, East Washington fields.

SInce I have had a few people contact me and not all of you get Chris’s text messages through crossbar…Practice is Sunday…not today.


Chris Gregorio

7 months ago

Confirming- We do have practice tomorrow at our normal time and place. See y'all there.


Chris Gregorio

7 months ago

Good morning everyone. We want to make sure that the practices are valuable for all of you and with the holiday coming up, we're looking to make sure who is and is not available. So, please-please-please-please get your availability in for the next two practices right away, like now.

Thanks everyone!



Dave Picardi

7 months ago

Parents - Your Action Required - Sandstorm Info needed

Kesa (Natalie's mom) has very graciously offered to help the Black Team coordinate activities while we are at Sandstorm (and I'm sure she would also welcome any other volunteers to assist).

For those of you who do not know, Sandstorm is the event that every western team in the US circles on their calendar (as do many others from all North America. It's by far the biggest and best tournament our girls attend. The average weekend will see 200 teams both boys and girls and more 30-40,000 players and fans. It's massive. It always takes place over the long MLK weekend so people can choose to stay an extra day to decompress or take advantage of being in Palm Dessert in the middle of winter. It also happens to be our final send off for our Seniors. It's special. AND...its a massive undertaking to coordinate team dinners and any other possible events because of how many people swarm to this event.

So...we need to get on top of this ASAP and give Kesa the info she needs to do her magic. Please click this link now which will take you to a Google Sheet that you can edit with your family's plans for the weekend. We need an accurate head count to ensure we secure the resources we need.

Thanks in advance for giving this your immediate attention and taking the 30 seconds required to give Kesa the info she needs.

(If for some reason you cannot edit the file...let me know ASAP)

If you are not planning to attend Sandstorm...we should talk live. It really is something every lacrosse player should experience at least once in their life.

Coach Dave


Chris Gregorio
Head Coach

Dave Picardi
Assistant Coach
(415) 272-5507

Panchito Ojeda
(703) 731-8582

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