Afterschool Enrichment

101 Lacrosse provides Afterschool Enrichment programs at Elementary School in Napa and Sonoma County. These programs are specifically for students who are new to the game and are picking up a stick for the first time! 101 will provide beginner sticks and teach the basics of lacrosse as well as providing sign up information for their local spring youth club.

Partner Schools

Browns Valley Elementary - Napa

Grant Elementary - Petaluma

McNear Elementary - Petaluma

What Does the class teach?

This program is specifically designed for beginners or students new to the sport! This program will focus on scooping, cradling, passing, and catching


The very basics of lacrosse start with picking up the ball! Students will learn the correct technique for picking up the ball. The program includes games and races that revolve and build upon this skill


Players will first learn to walk with the ball in their stick and then to run! Cradling is an essential technique to a beginning lacrosse player

Throwing and Catching

Finalling the students will learn how to properly throw and catch the ball. Passing and catching is a must-have skill for any new player.

Want your school add lacrosse in your school?

If you are interested in bringing the 101 Lacrosse Afterschool Enrichment Program to your school, please reach out to We are actively seeking more schools to add. This is a great way to get sticks in the hands of new players and grow the local lacrosse community!

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