Why Watch Lacrosse?

by Panchito Ojeda

Coach Ed comes back with some more information for us.  Check out this quick word on watching lacrosse!

Watching great lacrosse competitions at whatever level or gender is an opportunity to appreciate the game and get your lacrosse IQ on steroids.

Here are some of my experiences and suggestions for conducting your own lax due diligence.

Take in some girls' lacrosse games.  I remember watching the Novato HS girls squad play several years ago ~2015. I was mesmerized by the ball control and off ball movement. The ball rarely hit the ground outside the opponent's goal. Simply awesome stick handling. That's why I introduce boys to lacrosse throwing and catching with girls' sticks.
Since then I have watched only the Casa HS boys play more. 

Start recording/watching NCAA lacrosse; high school games when available on TV as well. Watch how teams clear and ride.
Observe how teams sub out in transition. Look how the D and O jockey for position and advantage.
Appreciate how lax is a game of fundamentals: Passes are made crisp and to the stick, ground balls are hustled for, unforced errors are seldom and not tolerated.

I had the opportunity to attend the World Championship of Lacrosse in Denver 2014 in conjunction with the Dicks Youth Championship tournament.  I saw the present lax champions play as well as the future champions of lax. Fortunately the next  Lax World Championship in 2022 will take place in California! In the meanwhile, take in a HS lacrosse game. There is quality lacrosse being played in N California. College Club lacrosse is also available at UC Berkley, Sonoma State, and Stanford.

Don't forget to check out lax U tube  videos, and view various lax videos (there is a video on every facet of the game). Ask you son's coach for a suggestion. Most have a library of favorite videos; all have their opinions.