The Importance Of Virtual Practice

by Panchito Ojeda

I don't know how many of you have been watching the The Last Dance on ESPN, but if you aren't watch it.  It is INCREDIBLE.  Anyone who is my age this is the basketball you grew up watching.  More importantly, watching four very different people (Rodman, Jordan, Pippen, and Jackson) come together to form the core to win 6 championships in 8 seasons.  I love this show!

As we have these virtual practices I have been asked by a few "why is 101 doing these?"  Well, to be honest there are a million reasons, but perhaps the most important are listed below.

Culture, Culture, Culture
Talk to any coach, leader, etc. of anything that is great. They talk about culture non-stop.  At 101 Lacrosse it is no different.  We are working to improve our culture, build better relationships, create MORE accountability, and push our players to their limits within the confines of our situation.  We want to create the best version of each player's self.  These "practices" are a chance for us to build a better, stronger culture with our players AND our parents.  

New Ways of Learning
In the post COVID-19 world none of us can predict exactly what it will look like, but we can all improve ourselves.  Developing practice structures in an online format will help our players, coaches, and teams perform at a higher level both during our season and their other seasons.  Constantly DEVELOPING our players!

Getting together with friends and teammates is fun.  We play lacrosse because it is competitive and it is fun.  This is a great chance for us to do that on a weekly basis.  

We are enjoying these virtual practices.  We hope you will be able to join us at the next one and keep growing your game each and every week!