Summer 2020 Plans

by Panchito Ojeda

101 Families,

Good Day.  We have built our club on three basic virtues - quality, transparency, and fun. In order to live-up to these virtues in our new reality we must put health and safety first.  As always, we will provide the highest player experience at teh best value in our region through our excellent coaches and returning players.  Our leadership team and I have decide on the best summer programming plan that we can offer in-light of these important factors. 

Please allow me to present the three programming categories for 101 Lacrosse this summer.

-Panchito Ojeda, Founder, 101 Lacrosse.  

Learn. Develop. COMPETE!

101 Lacrosse Academy

Players will be participating in the 101 Lacrosse Academy.  This is a high-level virtual and in-person lacrosse school designed to give players fundamental training with high-reps, advanced lacrosse IQ lessons, and cutting-edge techniques. 

In addition to in-person trainings, this is a guided journey through our comprehensive online curriculum.   Players will build their lacrosse skill set, enhance their game IQ, and expand their situational awareness in lacrosse in these virtual and in-person sessions with 101 Lacrosse Coaches.

Academy officially starts on Monday June 29, 2020 and end on Friday August 28, 2020.

Visit The Academy

Team Training Camps

We are going to be offering weekly team camps to players.  Each of our teams will get a chance to participate in a four day training camp in conjunction with the rest of their training at no additional cost.  These camps will run from 9am - 12pm in Petaluma.

Competition Schedule

It does not appear tournaments will be a viable option in California or the surrounding states before September 1, 2020.  At this juncture we are not planning on doing any tournaments for the rest of summer.  We will do two things as a result

  1. Schedule local and compliant competitions per state and county guidelines.
  2. Plan for an a tournament in fall / winter.