SILL Wraps Up Week 2 At Thigpen

by Panchito Ojeda

Petaluma, CA - Week two of the Sonoma Indoor Lacrosse League (SILL) is in the books.  Week two saw players taking big strides forward.  Our youth players remained focused on developing the fundamentals of box lacrosse wrapping with some competitive 3v2.  Big thanks to Jacob Miraflor for stepping in between the pipes at 12U and Zobek Poppins at 14U.  

High School players began to learn more high level offensive and defensive concepts as Coach Max is honing in their abilities with box lacrosse.  Coach Max event stepped in between the pipes helping players become better shooters!

The Shamrox practiced with Mid County Redwood Climbers.  In a scrimmage to end the day, we had a competitive score.  West Side Bull Ranchers, 137 Bandits, and Old Adobe combined for the final practice of the day and finished with a scrimmage.  In both scrimmages we saw players focusing on working to the middle of the court and taking those high percentage shots as opposed to the outside rip.  Learn.  Develop.  Play!

We will be announcing our game schedule in the next week or so, but in the meantime follow the league page here.