Preseason Tips From 101 Coaches

by Panchito Ojeda

Lacrosse season is right around the corner and all of us are getting geared up for the season.  Hopefully you stopped by our friends at Sling It! Lacrosse to get all your hard goods needs.  After that, it is all about how to get yourself ready for the season.  Here are some tips for the preseason from our coaches.

Coach Ed

  • Throw / Pass higher not lower
  • Minimize your cradle
  • Side-arm shots are Goalie's best friend
  • Tune-up your stick before play
  • Time your cuts to cage for a shot

Coach Ben

Remove all fast food and carbonated beverages from your diet immediately.  Refined sugars should also be ejected from the menu.  Become overly conscious of what you are putting in your body and if it will benefit for detract from performance. Begin a regiment of 2 liters of H20 per day, (8 glasses).

Coach Chance

Get outside and be active such as running and working out (circuit work, plyos, etc.). Build your stamina and strength and also make sure to eat properly and hydrate. Give your body what it needs like healthy foods and plenty of water.

Coach Panch

Film, film, film.  Watch guys like Paul Rabil, Tanner Cook, Jordan Walsh, Kylie Ohmiller, Taylor Cummings, Kayla Traynor, etc.  See what they do and emulate them in your backyard.  Be amazed at what you CAN learn from doing this.

Coach Max
1. Find a group to do your offseason conditioning with- whether that’s friends, teammates, other local lacrosse players.
2. Flexibility, Mobility, and Balance are just as important as Strength and Speed so they should be worked on with the same level of importance.
3. Play pick-up or neighborhood lacrosse- whether it’s pickup high school games or 3on3 trash can lacrosse, go play, have fun and try things, learn things and get better.
4. Take time for your other interests- while you need to get your work in to become a better lacrosse player, the offseason is your time to decompress from the season. Go do what you enjoy so your mind is focused on lacrosse when you get back.
5. Watch high level lacrosse- nothing will your improve your IQ more than watching great players and trying to replicate what they do on the field.