John's Top 5 Favorite Lacrosse Players

by John Murray

Preface, this list is in no particular order and is extremely biased towards offensive players.  That being said, here is my top 5 favorite lacrosse players.

Mikey Powell

Mikey Powell is the OG lacrosse star for me.  Every single kid growing up wanted to wear the number 22, not because of Gary Gait, Casey Powell, or Ryan Powell but because of Mikey.  The combo of the number 22, the legendary triangle eye black, and the flow coming out the back was what everyone tried to replicate.

His look was not the only thing to set him apart.  Mikey Powell played the game with a flair and style I had never seen before.  He put on a show every time he stepped on the field and saved his best moments for the biggest games.  The four time first team All-American and two time Tewaaraton winner had a truly unique blend of athleticism and lacrosse IQ.  I watched his highlight tape on repeat growing up. 

Michael Sowers

Michael Sowers is currently a senior attackman at Princeton University and he has been my favorite college player for the last three years.  I have never seen someone dodge the way Sowers does.  His change of speed and direction combined with his supernatural field sense has made him one of the top points per game players in D1 the last three years.  

Tom Schreiber 

In my opinion, Tom Schreiber is currently the best lacrosse player in the world.  As far as triple threat midfielders (dodge, pass, shoot) there is no one better.  What sets Tom apart from other players is his ability to dodge full speed off a pass.  You can tell by watching, he is playing on another level from everyone else on the field.  Another one of his great skill sets is his quick release for a pass or shot.  Once he makes his decision, he leaves no time for the defense or goalie to react.

Jeff Teat

Jeff Teat is a senior attackman at Cornell.  He is the only Candian on my top 5 and his performance in the last World Championship is a big reason why.  At 19 years old, Jeff Teat was the offensive QB for Canada’s silver medal team.  Canada’s offense drew huge inspiration from the box game and there is not a better lefty to run it than Jeff Teat.  His ability to dominate with his left hand and use screens is unmatched in the college game.  Just check out the wrist strength in the video below.  

Mac O’Keefe

Mac O’Keefe might not be Candian but he plays like it.  This dominating lefty proves it better to be unstoppable at one thing than good at a few things.  O’Keefe is the most dangerous off ball shooter in college.  His ability to stretch the defense opens up dodging lanes for the top scoring offense at Penn State.  O’Keefe is able to get a shot off with his left hand from any angle and anywhere on the field.