101 Reasons To Be Thankful

by Panchito Ojeda

I admit the title is simply catchy.  I don't have a list of 101 reasons BUT I am certain I have 101 reasons to be thankful.  I ran into some 101 parents in Petaluma on Saturday, and it was like I was accosted to come say hello.  Some people might be concerned but I was thrilled.  Reconnecting with these parents about their young men and woman was awesome.  More importantly it, along with other recent events, reminded me of what makes lacrosse family.

Lacrosse is a brother/sisterhood.  We all carry a tight bond whether we are a member of 101 or another club.  Lacrosse brings us together.  It tightens our bond and gives us common ground by which to establish relationships which will last a life time.  This year I have a unique perspective as I moved to Virginia leaving behind some of my tightest friendships and looking at the requirement to develop new ones.  

First, I am convinced as ever; we have built something great.  101 Lacrosse is not defined by one person. It is defined by the people of this area looking for a great experience driven by the community.  All of us believe in doing things the right way, developing our players, and working with ALL players to make them better. We grow the game.  I am proud of who we are and where we have come.  I love seeing more and more players participating with us; having gigantic smiles on their faces because they are getting better and having fun.  Every single one of them will become better players because they LOVE THE GAME.

Second, I am thankful for all of you.  After being away, the hugs never felt better.  The bonds never felt tighter.  I love my 101 Lacrosse family and each of you have a special place in my heart.  WE BUILT THIS TOGETHER!  As we continue to grow, I am so thankful for the folks that started this process with me 4 years ago and those that have come on board.  TOGETHER we are building a better lacrosse future.

Third, I am thankful for John Murray.  This young man got a huge role thrust upon him and he has stepped up in so many ways.  101 Lacrosse is growing in all the right ways with him at the helm.  I love his enthusiasm, love for the game, and most importantly his passion for what we have started.  I know 101 Lacrosse is in great hands with Coach Murray.

Lastly, I am thankful for our coaches.  They are our "boots on the ground" and they are doing an amazing job.  I would be lying if I didn't say each of them work tirelessly for your sons and daughters.  They go way above and beyond.  I love it!

I hope each of you has an amazing Thanksgiving.  We all have much to be thankful for.  I look forward to seeing each of you at Gold Rush!